Symphony of Praise Large Art

Symphony of Praise Large Art

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Symphony of Praise by Yongsung Kim is inspired by Steve Green's Symphony of praise. The painting features Christ as the composer and conducter of a glorious universe surrounded by the bounty of all God's love, including whales, dolphins, lush forests, mountains, planets and more.

A sampling of Steven Green's Symphony of Praise can be found at

“Symphony of Praise||
The composer and conductor of the universe
Steps before the orchestra of God
Creation lifts their finely crafted instruments
As all in heaven wildly applaud

The seasons well rehearsed begin with His downbeat
And on his cue the sun trumpets the dawn
The whirling winds swell in a mighty crescendo
With each commanding sweep of His baton
The oceans pound the shore in march to His cadence
The galaxies all revolve in cosmic rhyme
The fall of raindrops all in wild syncopation
As lightning strikes and thunder claps in time

The symphony of praise
Conducted by the Ancient of Days
May each creation great or small
Lift their voices one and all
In the symphony of praise