Original Artwork by Yongsung Kim

Original artwork created by Yongsung Kim invites viewers into a world of unparalleled beauty and spiritual resonance. Each piece is a unique expression of Kim's profound talent and devotion, capturing moments of divine grace with exquisite detail and emotion. Kim's original paintings radiate authenticity and depth, offering viewers a rare opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

  These original artworks by Yongsung Kim stand as testament to the enduring power of faith and artistry.


Featured Original Artwork

Wheat and Tares Original Artwork

Wheat and Tares by Yongsung Kim captures a moment of Jesus's nurturing presence amidst the beauty of creation, offering viewers a glimpse into the boundless compassion and nurturing presence of Jesus. In this painting, Jesus's arm reaches tenderly into a field of golden wheat, displaying His gentle guidance and provision.

As an original work of art, this masterpiece embodies both the beauty of Kim's talent and the timeless message of faith it conveys, making it a cherished treasure for all to view.


Show Me Your Glory Original Artwork

Show Me Your Glory by Yongsung Kim is a masterpiece that highlights both excitement and grace. In this pastoral scene, Christ stands at the center, his outstretched arms reaching up to the heavens, as if beckoning the glory of God to descend upon the earth. Surrounding him are the humble animals demonstrating the harmony and peace found in the presence of the Savior.


You Came Near Original Artwork

You Came Near by Yongsung Kim is a breathtaking portrayal of the closeness between Jesus and humanity, set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring mountains and serene landscapes.  Jesus stands amidst a field of tender, sweet, and humble sheep, embodying the imagery of the Good Shepherd. Amidst this grandeur, there is an undeniable intimacy as Jesus extends his gentle presence to the flock before him, evoking feelings of warmth, comfort, and reassurance. 


Be Glad and Rejoice Original Artwork

Be Glad and Rejoice by Yongsung Kim bursts with radiant joy and vibrant energy, inviting viewers into a world of boundless happiness and divine presence. In this captivating piece, Jesus is joyfully lingering among a sea of bright yellow sunflowers, his infectious smile illuminating the scene with warmth and light. The sunflowers, with their cheerful hues and exuberant blooms, mirror the jubilant spirit of the moment, creating a visual symphony of happiness and positivity.


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