Yongsung Kim
Utah Artist Tour


Internationally acclaimed Christian artist
Yongsung Kim visiting Utah

Havenlight will host meet & greets with Kim at locations across the state

UTAH — Korean Christian painter Yongsung Kim will be visiting Havenlight Gallery locations from November 30th to December 18th. Kim will hold meet and greets with artwork signings and photo opportunities at a number of locations throughout the state, including Costco and Havenlight Galleries.

Kim will be showcasing new original paintings that he recently finished just for his visit to The Beehive State. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a signed painting by Yongsung Kim. 

The themes Kim uses in his paintings are, “Good Shepherd”, Love and Grace”, and “Beautiful Christ”. He sets himself apart in Christian art because he does not depict Christ with dark or harsh themes. He stays away from what is complex or difficult and focuses on creating art that is accessible to everyone.

Yongsung Kim’s most famous painting is “The Hand of God” which depicts Jesus reaching into the water from Peter’s perspective underneath the water and is incredibly moving. Kim hopes that the viewer sees themselves under the water, and feels hope knowing Christ is there to pull them back up.

Yongsung Kim has said that in Korea people like his art, but in America people feel his art. He has found a meaningful connection with the people in America as they have felt the beautiful messages of his paintings. These paintings are welcomed into homes and used to create a haven from the storms of life.